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About the company

EduPro US, Inc. (formerly Clemson EduPro) was established in 1996 to meet the growing demand for continuing engineering education, particularly in the area of fastening technology. Our courses give engineers a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of fastening technology and bolted/screwed joint design. We also offer courses to help companies and organizations transition to the metric system. Our expertise in these areas is communicated in an easy-to-understand and entertaining way. We are also available for your consulting needs. 


About the instructor

Bengt Blendulf, president of EduPro US, Inc., was educated in Sweden and moved to the United States in 1974 to start a subsidiary for a Swedish fastener manufacturer. After working as a technical consultant and also for eight years on the faculty in the College of Engineering and Science at Clemson University, he formed EduPro US in 1997 to provide highly rated courses in Fastening Technology and Bolted/Screwed Joint Design in the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia for engineers and fastener professionals. Being one of the founders, Bengt served as the chairman of ASTM F16.96 Bolting Technology from 1996 to 2006. In 2006 he received the Fred F. Weingruber award for “his efforts to promote and develop standards for the fastener industry”. In 2013 Bengt also received the IFI Soaring Eagle Award for “significant contributions to the technological advancement of the fastener industry”. Bengt is the author of an extensive lecture book, more than 110 technical articles and “Mechanical Fastening and Joining”, a book published in 2013 by the Industrial Fasteners Institute. He can be contacted at or through


Our clients include

ASME, NASA (Langley and Marshall Space Flight Center), Sandia National Laboratories, General Motors (U.S., Canada and Mexico), Delphi Chassis Systems, Harley Davidson, Case Corporation, US Army Tank Division, Komatsu, John Deere, US Government, Canadian Government, US Air Force, Volvo Trucks, Motorola, Navistar, Northrop Grumman, Sauer Sundstrand, Philips Medical, Delco Remy, Siemens Westinghouse, Atlas Copco Wagner, Savannah River Site, Square D Corporation, Duke Power, Curtiss Wright Flight Systems, Holokrome, Elco Textron, General Fasteners and many more.

What clients and colleagues have said about Bengt Blendulf's seminars

"Very educational and well organized. The speaker made it very interesting using actual examples of problem areas."

John Sidor, Newport News Shipbuilding

"Simply the best technical seminar that I have attended since completing my graduate studies!"

Everick Spence, Harley Davidson Motor Comp.

"Any engineer who designs, tests or assembles bolted joints should take this class at least once (as early as possible) in their career. The instructor knows what he's talking about, has vast experience, engages the class and keeps everyone's attention."

Brian Whalen, Naval Research Laboratories

"Very interesting and informative. The extensive experience of the speaker was great in backing up the theories with real life situations. A very satisfying experience!"

Jason Rice, Boeing

"Excellent course material and very well presented."

Joel Hoover, Volvo Construction Equipment

"Bengt managed to keep a dry subject very interesting."

Greg Larson, Champion International

"Excellent instructor! Excellent course!"

Dan Gregorio, Ford Motor Company

"Extremely useful information for all mechanical engineers."

Andrew Knutson, Walt Disney World

"Information provided is a MUST for everyengineering dept. to be aware of."

Anthony Jones, Ingersoll-Rand

"An important coursework to fill serious voids in the college education experience."

Steve Moline, Alliance Laundry Systems


Current Course Offerings

Code Course Name Duration Suitable for...
FTB Fastening Technology and Bolted/Screwed Joint Design 2 days (14 hours) Engineers and other technical personnel
FF Fundamentals of Fastening Technology 1 day (7 hours) Introduction course for fastener users and distributors
SI/E Transition to SI (metric) for engineering 1 day (7 hours) All technical personnel
SI/C Transition to SI (metric) for commerce 1 day (7 hours) Sales, purchasing, and administration


Course Descriptions

FTB This 2-day seminar was developed to give engineers up-to-date specifications and a better understanding of the complexity of mechanical joining with fasteners. Insufficient study time and outdated textbooks are not adequately preparing our graduates for real life design challenges. This could lead to catastrophic failures or costly over-designs. The Federal regulation (Fastener Quality Act) of these often safety-critical design elements have caused a renewed focus on the proper use of fasteners. This course incorporates the most recent guidelines from international and domestic engineering societies and research groups so that the students will be able to use the new knowledge immediately. The seminar book used is written by Bengt Blendulf and is currently 283 pages.
FF The 1-day version of the Fastening Technology course establishes a base of fundamental knowledge about fasteners and how they work. This format is suitable for those who are not involved in the actual design of the joints, but have to work with fasteners in other ways (QC, sales, purchasing, etc.).
SI/E Following a brief overview of the history behind the various measurement systems, the current status of application of inch/pound vs. SI (metric) both domestically and internationally will be explored. All SI units will be reviewed and explained with examples of application. Rules regarding decimal indicators and the proper writing of the units in various situations will be covered. Also, conversions between the systems and the rules for accuracy when converting will be explained. Projection methods on blue prints vary from country to country and cause problems. The ISO System of limits and fits with applications to machining, fastener tolerances, etc. is also covered. Hard and soft conversion methods influence the use of existing and new tooling as well as materials (plate, bar, etc.).
SI/C This course covers much of the SI/E, but is more focused on communication between companies. The most common mistakes and errors will be highlighted and corrective measures recommended. Less emphasis is given to the strictly technical issues and more to the day-to-day language.


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